Update (10/15)

Long long overdue update but, truthfully, not too much has happened. Last I wrote, I cut my trip in China short due to a right elbow injury. Unfortunately, that injury turned out to be a stress reaction which forced me out for 6 weeks. There is nothing as tough as injury. It’s less so the physical pain of soreness, stinging, or aching, but rather the mental battle day in and day out. You kind of get used to limiting your range of motion and favoring one side over the other but each day is a mental grind. Not only are you not making ground on competitors, but you’re actively losing ground. And, really, there’s not much you can do about it which is a terrible feeling. Every athlete focuses so much on the skills practice or the fitness and so many gloss over the injury prevention and recovery. I’m as guilty as any of this, but moving forward I’ll definitely make a conscious effort to be more disciplined on this front.

I’ve spent the last month or so practicing to get back into form and I finished up with a short training block back at Yale. It was nice to be back on campus with friends and New Haven will always be a second home to me. I’m the volunteer assistant for Yale Men’s Tennis this year so I’ll definitely try to stop by a couple extra times to help out the team as well. As of this publication, I am now in Malaysia getting ready for a new set of Asia tournaments. I’ve been itching to get back out and compete at my top level so hopefully the training block at Yale has put me in a position to do so. Excited to see where I stand over these next couple weeks after such an extended layoff!


Start of a 40 hour journey from LA to Kuching, MAS (thankfully no physical abuse by United to report)


AirAsia: smallest possible seat. Asians are small but jesus. I sat upright and my knees were squished into the back of the chair. For reference: I’m only 5’9 (on a good day)


Nothing in Kuching besides this mall. Must be the place to be. Absolutely packed no matter the hour or day.


Food in MAS has been excellent


Albeit spicy


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